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Why Couples Are Choosing Intimate Winter Micro Weddings


While winter in Canada brings it's challenges,  it also brings with it an undeniable magic; a feeling of adventure, a stillness and desire to snuggle.  Romance shines no brighter, than in the hearts of a loving couple cozying up to keep one another warm.  Skating hand in hand,  playful snowballs fights and scarves, long enough for two, evoke feelings of care and attention.  When the world outside is dark and cold, yet the heart and soul feels full and warm, one knows that they have found their person. 

No love is deeper, no commitment stronger than that of a man who braves the great white north to ensure that his love's car is cleared of ice and snow.  No woman will be cherished longer than one who can find both the left and the right glove and a toque that actually fits her partner's head.

An Intimate Winter Micro Wedding is the perfect way to celebrate this love. Toronto Micro Weddings offers the most romantic winter wedding experience without the exorbitant costs and stressful planning of a traditional wedding. 

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding is a smaller scale wedding experience with a guest list composed of close family and friends, typically 10-50 guests and a reduced event time.  Many couples desire to be married,  but can't make sense of making such a huge financial investment or strapping their friends and family with the burden of the cost for a one day celebration.  Others are not moved to put their otherwise loving, calm relationship through the rigors of a year long planning process to decide on colours, patterns, silverware, card stock and the list goes on.   A micro wedding allows a couple to enjoy the experience in a meaningful way without the financial and emotional risk. 

Why choose a Toronto Micro Wedding?

Imagine the best wedding that you've ever attended.  Does a  scenic backdrop come to mind, one that reflects the soul of the couple under which the exchange of heartfelt vows provokes tears from close friends and family.  Now erase the two hour wait between ceremony and reception.   Imagine a champagne toast and delicious canapes, but delete the long, awkward line of people being herded through a receiving line.  Reflect on the fun and interesting food stations, without the bland banquet hall chicken featured in the 3 hour dinner.  Remember those quick "thank you for loving me"  speeches and erase the drunk uncle monologues from your memory entirely.  Now envision yourself happily popping a gift into the beautifully displayed card box, never again having to choose between attending a loved one's  wedding or paying your mortgage.  These sweet and happy new visions are Toronto Micro Weddings.  The motto is "invest in your marriage and not your wedding". 

While many companies have adopted a similar style of wedding as a Covid 19 response, Toronto Micro Weddings has been offering micro weddings since 2018.  As an alternative to expensive events that can easily cost between $30 and $100K,  Toronto Micro Weddings combines all of the best elements of a traditional experience and eliminates the excess.. A wedding planner, the venue, invitations, officiant, decor, flowers, sparkling wine toast, wedding favours, DJ, photographer, canapes and even the wedding cake are all included. While there is plenty of room to customize each of the details and upgrade any areas that are dearest to their hearts, couples are left to enjoy their wedding without stress or endless decision making.  Unlike most photo opp style micro weddings, Toronto Micro Weddings offers 3 - 5 hour events, that are fully customizable to reflect each couple's personality and vision for their special day.  Every guest is a VIP and no detail is left to chance.  To make your customized micro wedding even more special,  every element of your wedding is created by local artists giving paid opportunities for local talent to thrive.

Why have a winter wedding?

Winter, like a marriage, requires Canadians to get real and honest with themselves and those with whom they share space.  They seek comfort and refuge; long to be amused during the lengthy hibernation and desire to emerge on the other end with  both their sanity and renewed hope.  A choice to have a wedding during the winter is a confirmation that one has truly  found the person who gives them comfort and for which they would move mountains to provide warmth and safety.  They look forward to the long nights together, under a blanket,  reading or just sharing conversation.  A winter wedding is a commitment to find joy in good times and bad, find pleasure in the simple things and work together to forge, or perhaps "shovel", a path towards your dreams.

Winter offers a spectacular backdrop for the most magical of weddings.  The white blanket of snow glistening in the moonlight. The deciduous trees standing down giving space for the beautiful evergreen to shine.  The deep greens, complimented by the shimmering whites set the stage for stunning storybook weddings.  Hot cocoa stations with bourbon and marshmallows warm guests, while they laugh and debate the merits of sensible winter footwear.  Rows of flickering candles and hand selected flowers fill the room with the scent of love, only to be matched by the looks on the faces of the couple as they share their feelings for each other. 

How much does it cost?

As a special offer, Toronto Micro Weddings has not adjusted it's pricing in 2020, in order to offset the challenges created for many from the global pandemic.  Couples who book and secure a winter micro wedding for 2020/2021 will enjoy 2019 pricing.  A 3 hour wedding with venue, decor, invitations, DJ, photography, passed canapes, cash bar, wedding favours and cake are all included for $3000. plus HST.  Upgrades on all elements are available and optional.  Seated dinners are available at most venues. It is the belief that couples of all budgets should have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful, customized wedding.  In addition, most elements of the event are purchased from local artists providing paid opportunity in the arts community.  This has always been the mandate but has never been more important considering the devastation of Covid 19 on the arts community.  Couples  know that their wedding is contributing directly to the arts.. 

Is Toronto Micro Weddings only in Toronto?

Toronto Micro Weddings is a service run by full time wedding planners and artists.  With a multitude of venues to choose from couples from all over southern Ontario can enjoy the creative, elegant and meaningful weddings that are offered.  With Covid 19 in it's second wave, we recommend that couples who do not live in Toronto stay where they are.   Toronto Micro Weddings will come to you.  Fully mobile, this dynamic team offers their services all over, including elopement and private home celebrations. 

Can I have a wedding with the current Covid regulations?

While regulations vary from district to district,  Toronto Micro Weddings takes every effort to ensure that each wedding is compliant with all regulations.  With a variety of venues to choose from, couples may choose according to their guest size and be assured that all other measures are followed to ensure the safety and comfort of all involved. 

A cozy space filled with only the closest of friends,  sharing comforting food and drink, stories and their hopes for the future is the ultimate Intimate Winter Micro Wedding.   Toronto Micro Weddings invites you to embrace the magic of winter and book your Intimate Winter Wedding now.

For more information and to book your date please visit

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