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The fairytale love story fills our hearts and inspires us to dream of what tomorrow holds for us.  Sadly, the cost of this celebration has skyrocketed.  Traditional weddings today take at least a year of planning and can range from $20K - $150K for a single day of bliss.  Couples are either spending their hard-earned savings on a single celebration or they are leaving the financial burden to family and friends to put in their share. 

About Us

Our Venue

We are very excited to announce that we have now opened our very own wedding venue TCE on Sterling in the historical 213 Sterling Rd building! This will now be the exclusive home for Toronto Micro Weddings.


3000 SQ ft of indoor space that is wheelchair accessible with free parking and amazing for outdoor photos!

in Toronto's West End

Built in the 1930's TCE on Sterling has the perfect balance of both historic charm as well as modern industrial elements...

Exposed Brick,
14 FT Beam Ceilings,
Incredible Natural Lighting!

2024-02-03 TMW Hilary  Alarics Wedding-22.jpg

Ceremony and reception spaces in one venue!

in our one stop shop luxury packages.

Custom decor included

We are inclusive creative event curators dedicated to supporting and creating platforms for emerging & marginalized artists. All of the elements of our weddings are designed by local creatives. When you have your wedding with Toronto Micro Weddings you are actively supporting the Toronto Arts Community.

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