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To the Power of 10: The Magic of a Ten Person Micro Wedding

Jan 16/ 2021 @torontomicroweddings

Photos by Ten-2-Ten Photography @ten2tenphotography

Imagine a time, so intimate and momentous, that the heart and mind imprint the soul, bestowing inspiration to a thousand lifetimes. Beneath the lace and flow of a beautiful dress; beyond the sharp lines of a tailored suit, exist the naked truths shared by two lovers standing face to face. Their hands clasped; hearts pounding as they gaze deeply into one another, searching for authenticity, trust and true love.

While those who live in gratitude are blessed with many magical experiences, there are few quite as beautiful as the exchange of marriage vows. In that moment, there is a caesura, pausing time and allowing space for love to rise up, defining and expressing itself. Promises of everlasting love and devotion are sealed with a kiss, marking the fusing of hearts, the joining of energies and the beginning of a journey.

Now imagine that these two, enchanted by their feelings, did not have to be snapped out of this delicious sensation. Imagine that the cheers of the well meaning crowd, with desires to express best wishes, didn't take precedence and the couple allowed themselves to linger, explore and be fully immersed in their nuptials.

Consider the depth of connection that may be created if the wedding experience was an unscripted event and the kiss could turn into a dance. The dance could be a passionate rumba or a shoes off, shake your booty groove. Perhaps the only other people in the room are a very select group of trusted family or friends, with whom they are unreservedly authentic.

Toronto Micro Weddings invites you to discover the magic of the 10 person, or less, micro wedding option. For several years, we have shared the benefits of a stress free intimate micro wedding. Fewer guests, a smaller scale event, allowing our team to plan and execute the details, leaves couples free to experience only the enjoyable aspects of their special day. A ten person micro wedding takes the personal touch one step further, giving couples the opportunity to relinquish expectations and devote the entire experience to each other.

Every Toronto Micro Wedding includes:

  • -3 Hours for ceremony and reception (can increase)

  • -Planning and day of coordination

  • -Officiant for either legal or commitment ceremony

  • -Digital Invitations

  • -Venue

  • Customized ceremony/ reception decor

  • Photographer

  • DJ

  • Floral Bouquet/Boutonniere

  • Guest favours & guest book

  • Sparkling Wine Toast

  • Passed Canapes

  • Cash bar

  • Wedding Cake

  • Service staff

  • Additional food and beverage packages available

Who is Included in the Guestlist? It's inevitable, no matter the size of the event, that there will be some important people that do not receive an invitation. A 10 person wedding certainly increases that number. The task of sharing the news however, doesn't need to be challenging as it is simply a declaration of intention. Whether the limited guest list includes 8 people made up of parents and siblings or is reduced to two of the couple's best friends, it is a paradigm shift from a gathering to celebrate the wedding to an exclusive and intimate exchange of vows focusing on the sanctity of what is being promised. Some may refer to this as an elopement, however, the contrast is Toronto Micro Weddings allow the couple to experience much more than a photo opportunity or a cold city hall license signing. All of the sentimental elements of a wedding are enjoyed, but in a more intimate fashion. Gatherings, after the fact, offering specially chosen photos and hand written cards for family members and friends are an excellent way to connect with those who would have wanted to be in attendance. Taking a few moments to make a special video message on the day of the wedding could be a special keepsake for family as well.

One of the most challenging tasks for any couple is to remain true to themselves and their vision for their wedding day. The best way to achieve a dream wedding is to engage in honest and open discussions. For this truly is the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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