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Wedding Dreams VS Realities

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The sweet memories of seemingly endless summer days, as a young girl, evoke a joyous grin. Released from the burden of school, I was free to roam and play. My imagination ran wild, and like all little girls, I spent countless hours acting out my dreams. Vivid in my mind, I recall the meticulous attention given to the selection of each garment and accessory, imagining the music of my heart shared with a single glance. The feelings of anticipation and delight, as I gazed down the long aisle on the way to my truest desires, left me breathless.

There I stood, sunk knee deep in my brother's black rubber boots, the red trim glistening like military stripes of honour. My tiny legs disappeared into them causing me to amble to and fro. I cared not that they were two sizes too big, as my older brothers were the only ones allowed to own these glorious galoshes. Clutched tightly in my hands, my trusted rubber tomahawk and birch bark drum poised at the ready. The long aisle between the two forbidden ponds summoned me to the adventures of the day. The fields where I jumped and hid amongst the long grass, the outbuildings providing countless backdrops for creative thinking and the largest rock I had ever seen happily welcomed me. Like every girl in the world, I stood on my rock proudly proclaiming the news of the day to my imaginary constituents. Many days the rock was my pirate ship, which took me around the world marauding or rescuing lost souls. The rock was my stage and my soapbox; it was my meditation cushion and my napping mat.

Wait a moment…

What do you mean every little girl doesn’t dream of galloping around in black rubber boots and jumping on rocks? Why would you suggest that every little girl dreams of her wedding day?

Definitely not this little girl!

Dreams Versus Reality

Perhaps the wedding day was a common goal when little girls were indoctrinated with the concept that their greatest accomplishment in life would involve acquiring a handsome prince, living in a castle and having children. The fairy tales encouraged girls to be kind, quiet, clean and agreeable so that when the handsome man arrived, he would be enamored with her charms and fall in love. Women's marital status carried greater respect than any job could offer. A beautiful wedding with a stunning dress and everyone's approval and attention was considered a rite of passage. For most young girls, the wedding day was the only epochal event to plan or envision. With that said, it's most likely that there were many in those times that wanted more and did not spend much time thinking about their wedding day.

But it's 2020?

While a great deal of work remains to ensure equity for women and girls world wide, many young girls have a great deal of choice and much to look forward to beyond their wedding day. Yet the myth of " Every little girl dreams of her wedding day" remains in circulation perpetuating a stereotype to which many women feel pressure to conform. With so many life choices available, women who have dreamt of their wedding day for their entire lives and aspire to recreating that vision can be made to feel silly or materialistic. In contrast, women who have given little thought to their nuptials may be regarded as cold or unromantic. The pressure to please others can cause women to question their choices surrounding their ideal wedding and settle for a celebration that does not feel authentic to themselves and their partners.

Every little girl and boy now have options.

The definition of a dream wedding is being revised. People are beginning to question the value in large expensive banquet hall experiences, but still desire a memorable event to honour the importance of the vows. Toronto Micro Weddings celebrates romantic love and the union of two people who wish to celebrate the decision to share their lives together. We have taken the best elements of the traditional, full day wedding and transformed it into an affordable, romantic and meaningful exchange. Our team assumes all of the stress of planning and coordinating, working with local artists to prepare a unique venue space for 30 of your party. The 3 hour luxury event includes digital invitations, decorated venue, ceremony with officiate, 2 ½ hour cocktail party, passed canapés, sparkling wine toast, live singer during service, dj for cocktail party, cash bar, wedding cake, photographer with 40 edited digital photos, and wedding favours for each of your guests.

This all inclusive experience is only $3000. All of the unique elements are purchased from local Toronto artists to support the local arts community.

Couples may customize their day with upgrades such as food stations, photo stations, larger guest list and more.

If you have practiced your walk down the aisle for years or haven’t given it a second thought, Toronto Micro Weddings offers you a truly meaningful way to say "I do".

For more information, please see our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @torontomicroweddings.

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